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Process of transforming readable (plaintext) data into an unintelligible form (ciphertext) so that the original data either cannot be recovered (one-way encryption) or cannot be recovered without using an inverse decryption process (two-way encryption).

This has been already posted above but keep in mind: If you manually have to renew the SSL-certificates for all of your customers every 3 month (and we do host more than 500 domains) it really does not work.

In addition to this, modern web server software such as Nginx supports several encryption optimizations such as session caching and keepalive timeout which are speeding up these connection encryption performance-expensive operations and make the sub-second HTTPS page loading a possibility in 2018, so statement that HTTPS is slow is not valid anymore.

A certificate with a subject that matches its issuer, and a signature that can be verified by its own public key. Most types of certificate can be self-signed. Self-signed certificates are also often called snake oil certificates to emphasize their untrustworthiness.

Identical cryptographic keys are used for message authentication and encryption. (In SSL 3.0, MAC secrets may be larger than encryption keys, so messages can remain tamper resistant even if encryption keys are broken.[4])

Wildcard SSLs cover multiple subdomains. For example, you can secure *.coolexample.com, which would cover shop.coolexample.com, www.coolexample.com, and any other subdomains. You can purchase Wildcard SSLs as Standard or OV certificates.

Yes it does. Look there is really no harm in having SSL protection. But if you are an online entrepreneur or an online business and have incorporated the use of an online payment portal then think about it, won’t you be more satisfied in providing your customers with a safe environment? SSL instills confidence in website by your customers, who without hesitation will give their credit information to buy stuff from you.

SSL certificates are used with target HTTPS proxy (TargetHttpsProxy) and target SSL proxy (TargetSslProxy) resources. You must specify at least one SSL certificate for each of these resources and you can specify up to ten. When you specify more than one, the first certificate in the list of SSL certificates is considered the primary SSL certificate associated with the load balancer.

When it comes to SSL/TLS, however, it could be assumed that an average user is not familiar with the technical jargon related to it, as pointed out in a study by researchers from both Carleton University and National Research Council in Canada.

When using HTTPS protocol, there’s a certain dose of credibility in your visitor’s eyes, trust that you know what you’re doing and that you respect their security and privacy. Since trust and credibility are important aspects of online shopping and generally perception of a brand, avoiding that “Not secure” label and instead showing green letters in the browser address bar can do great things for your conversion rate and sales.

Wow! I just read this now and while I knew the importance of securing your site, I never imagined that Google ranked site based on their perceived security. Thanks for this, I’m off to secure my site!

HTTPS is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a protocol used for secure communications over a computer network, like the internet. Communication over HTTPS are encrypted between the client and the server so don’t listen in, no one tampers with the data, and your website data isn’t forged.

“A passprase is like a password except it is longer”. In the early days passwords on Unix system were limited to 8 characters, so the term passphrase for longer passwords. Longer is the password harder it is to guess. Nowadays Unix systems use MD5 hashes which have no limitation in length of the password.

The following are the Top 10 SSL Providers in the industry based on the survey conducted by W3Techs and any websites using one of these certificates assure its customers that they are safe and secure while performing sensitive transactions over the websites.

Note: For Wildcard SSL certificates make sure your Friendly Name to matches your Common Name (i.e. *.coolexample.com). For all other SSL certificates, do not use your full domain name as the Friendly Name, as this can cause a bug within IIS.

Because SSL is still the better known, more commonly used term, DigiCert uses SSL when referring to certificates or describing how transmitted data is secured. When you purchase an SSL Certificate from us (e.g., Standard SSL, Extended Validation SSL, etc.), you are actually getting a TLS Certificate (RSA or ECC).

However, if you accidentally share sensitive information on a website which is not SSL Certified or unsecure, the browser’s innate security process will immediately raise a red flag and give you a notification the site you’re sharing your information on is unsecure.

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A good post with a very interesting content. Now a days SSL cerificates is must for every website as there is lot of online shopping and onlline payment will be going on.So if we have this certificate with us then the website will be secure and customers will also don’t hesitate to pay through the website.

There is a real opportunity for Google to shake up a market that has been something of a business backwater, with very little innovation in business models or approach. But what exactly should Google do? I think there are three goals that Google should be advocating: raising the minimum fee for domain registrations, offering free SSL certificates with domain registration, and developing community-driven policies around takedowns.

If the CSR you are using is for a wildcard certificate, the CSR must include the asterisk for the sub-domain level you wish to cover on the common name. Example: To secure test.coolexample.com and www.coolexample.com, the common name on your CSR needs to be *.coolexample.com

Since applications can communicate either with or without TLS (or SSL), it is necessary for the client to indicate to the server the setup of a TLS connection.[5] One of the main ways of achieving this is to use a different port number for TLS connections, for example port 443 for HTTPS. Another mechanism is for the client to make a protocol-specific request to the server to switch the connection to TLS; for example, by making a STARTTLS request when using the mail and news protocols.

A bit of difficulty downloading Administrative certificate, resolved by Jestine in Portsmouth, NH. Then a couple of questions on the first personalsign certificate issued, again resolved quickly. Everything has worked well since! Very happy!

Unless you sell things on your personal website, a Standard SSL (DV) is fine. This is also true for informational business sites. eCommerce websites should use a single-domain Standard SSL (DV) or Premium SSL (EV).

Next you’ll need something that proves your website is your website – kind of like an ID Card for your site. This is accomplished by creating an SSL certificate. A certificate is simply a paragraph of letters and numbers that only your site knows, like a really long password. When people visit your site via HTTPS that password is checked, and if it matches, it automatically verifies that your website is who you say it is – and it encrypts everything flowing to and from it.

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