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To bind a custom SSL certificate to your web app, your App Service plan must be in the Basic, Standard, or Premium tier. In this step, you make sure that your web app is in the supported pricing tier.

Supporting the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) protocol is one of the easiest ways to better secure your website, API, or mobile application. HSTS is an extension to the HTTP protocol that forces clients to use secure connections for every request to your origin server. Cloudflare provides HSTS support with the click of a button.

That’s not all. Back in 2014, Google tried to persuade webmasters to make the switch to HTTPS and made the secure protocol a stronger ranking signal as motivation. Google flat-out said they would start giving preference to sites with an SSL in 2014. Since that time, encrypted sites have earned a boost in rankings over their unsecured counterparts. Since that bit of motivation didn’t provide enough encouragement for sites to switch, now Google is forcing the issue. Instead of incentivizing HTTPS, Google may even penalize HTTP sites.

We have entered a new era of search where SEO and content marketing have converged. AI technologies are providing a whole new world of insights so marketers can make impactful – data-informed – decisions. The AI revolution is here and now, and early adopters in SEO and content marketing are already one step ahead of the competition.

Some major software contains a list of certificate authorities that are trusted by default. This makes it easier for end-users to validate certificates, and easier for people or organizations that request certificates to know which certificate authorities can issue a certificate that will be broadly trusted. This is particularly important in HTTPS, where a web site operator generally wants to get a certificate that is trusted by nearly all potential visitors to their web site.

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However, Google – and by extension Mozilla and many others involved in this debate – doesn’t care if the mis-issuances were test certificates or not. This is still serious. Regardless of the circumstances, Google and company view the mis-issuances as completely unacceptable and argue that this makes it harder to trust Symantec’s PKI.

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Pasi ta keni instaluar certifikatat tona ndërmjetme, ju do të duhet për të instaluar certifikatën e lëshuar në serverin tuaj. Për ta bërë këtë ju do të përdorni cmdlet Import-ExchangeCertificate si më poshtë :

For one thing, our SSL certs cover unlimited secure servers. They support up to 2048-bit encryption and they’re recognized by all of the major desktop and mobile browsers on the market. Plus, they’re backed by the industry’s best 24/7 phone service and support. There’s absolutely no technical difference between GoDaddy SSL Certificates and those offered by other companies – they simply cost less. Is it any wonder we’re the largest provider of net new SSL Certificates in the world?

Having an unsecured website from this point forward could give you more issues than just Google. Your visitors may no longer trust your website. Learn why it’s time to secure your website and how we can help.

Therefore, despite the fact that average internet users make little difference between http:// and https:// protocols, companies should consider using the latter to prevent data loss and gain users’ trust.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and it’s successor TLS (Transport Layer Security) are methods used to secure and encrypt sensitive information like credit cards, usernames, passwords, and other private data sent over the Internet. Website pages secured with SSL and TLS are those branded with the HTTPS in their URL address.

SSL lejon që informata të ndjeshme të tilla si numrat e kartës së kreditit, numrat e sigurimeve shoqërore, dhe kredencialet që identifikoheni për ti transmetuar ato në mënyrë të sigurt. Normalisht, të dhënat e dërguara midis shfletuesit dhe serverat e internetit  dërgohet në plain text-duke ju lënë të pambrojtur ndaj përgjimit. Nëse një hacker është në gjendje të ndërpres të gjitha të dhënat që janë dërguar në mes një shfletues dhe një web server ata mund të shohin dhe të përdorin këtë informacion.

On April 16, 2014 Parliament introduced new legislation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for which enforcement date starts on 25 May 2018. News on this fast approaching deadline hit the major media outlets couple of days ago and is causing businesses and management to reconsider their security approaches and procedures if they don’t want to face the heavy fines (weird eyes look at Equifax and Tinder).

PartnerLink is a comprehensive online tool, exclusively for Symantec Website Security partners. Now, existing partners have one location to access everything they need to sell, manage and support their Symantec Website Security solutions.

The reason? According to the Google Chrome team, Symantec has not properly validated thousands of certificates. In fact, the Chrome team claims that “an initial set of reportedly 127 [misissued] certificates has expanded to include at least 30,000 [misissued] certificates, issued over a period spanning several years.”

“A passprase is like a password except it is longer”. In the early days passwords on Unix system were limited to 8 characters, so the term passphrase for longer passwords. Longer is the password harder it is to guess. Nowadays Unix systems use MD5 hashes which have no limitation in length of the password.

For a publication as large as The Washington Post, it would be expected to face a set of challenges some smaller websites should not be concerned with at all. In fact, as John Mueller pointed out in relation to this undertaking, this only means that the transition to the HTTPS is not just a buzz, but actually an important step in ensuring the credibility of a website.

Note: As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products, but we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products.

Kao prvi odgovor nameće se činjenica da je certfikat u potpunosti besplatan. Instalacija nije problem jer je SSL već instaliran na vašem hosting paketu te se automatski produžuje (validira) prije isteka od 90 dana. Korištenjem HTTPS protokola vaša web stranica odaje veći dojam sigurnosti te povećanje kredibiliteta kod posjetitelja.

But now Google is going even further. Starting in January 2017 (AKA right around the corner), Google will mark “HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure.” That means your WordPress login page will be marked as non-secure if you’re not using HTTPS. Here’s what that change will look like in Google Chrome:

Nowadays, SSL as a protocol isn’t used much anymore (or at least it shouldn’t be) due to its age/weaknesses, which is why its successor TLS (Transport Layer Security) has taken over. Most of the time, when someone says “SSL”, they actually mean “TLS” without knowing it.

Your SSL certificates can use a wildcard in the common name. For example, a certificate with the common name *.example.com. matches the hostnames www.example.com and foo.example.com, but not a.b.example.com or example.com. When the load balancer selects a certificate, it always prefers to match a hostname to certificates without wildcards over certificates with wildcards.

But first, a quick disclaimer. Though Hashed Out operates with a considerable degree of autonomy from its corporate owner, The SSL Store™, we would be remiss not to admit that we have a long-standing partnership with Symantec (dating back to before the CA was Symantec at all).

Configure your CMS, if required, to use HTTPS schema and perform the find/replace operation on your database to change all HTTP schema URLs to HTTPS. Countless times before, we used the WP Migrate DB WordPress plugin to achieve this successfully for our clients, so we recommend it.

Thanks to the vast resources at the disposal of companies like Google, visual search is finally becoming viable. How, then, will SEO evolve as visual search develops? And how soon until SEO companies have to master visual search optimization?

Wildcard SSL/TLS allows the use of an unlimited number of subdomains in the SSL/TLS certificate. Any full domain that matches *.yourdomain.com (where * can be any word and yourdomain.com is your domain) will be secured by a wildcard SSL digital certificate. For instance, ssl.com, www.ssl.com, mail.ssl.com, and any other combination of ssl.com would be secured by a wildcard certificate issued to *.ssl.com.

(Optional) If the certificate will be used as a root CA for an SSL-inspecting web filter or to allow the browser to validate the full digital certificate chain of servers, check the Use this certificate as an HTTPS certificate authority box.

Ja, QualitySSL Certifikater er kompatibel med over 99% af alle browsere, som anvendes for tiden, hvilket gør, at QualitySSL Certifikater er et af markets bedste SSL certifikater med hensyn til browserkompatibilitet.

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  1. Does the idea of improving your search engine rankings and offering your visitors better security sound like something you’re interested in? What if I upped the ante and told you it wouldn’t cost you a penny? SSL certificates secure your website’s connection and boost its rankings in Google. And now, thanks to services like Let’s Encrypt, you can actually get a free SSL certificate for your website.
    4. When you get the certificate download from GoDaddy it will not have an intermediate file. You can simply past the certificate they sent you in the certificate box and you are ready to go. You do not have to add any Apache server directives and you do not have to alter any conf files!

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